The 128th Annual Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2021

Reservations are no longer required for masses and novena.

The traditional schedule of events is subject to change according to the circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rose-presentation-letter-2021. To become a benefactor or to order roses for the Feast, please click on the links below:

See the procession route: OLMC 2021 Procession Route

Friday, July 16th – Sunday, July 18th, 2021

Schedule below has changed due to coronavirus. See above for updates.

Friday, July 9th – Saturday, July 17th: Novena (7:30 pm)

Tuesday, July 13th: Banner Presentation (6:45 pm)

Wednesday, July 14th: Rose Presentation (6 pm)

Thursday, July 15th: Memorial for Deceased Feast Members (7 pm)

Friday, July 16th: Combined Feast Day mass and novena

Saturday, July 17th: Spanish mass venerating Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (3 pm)

Sunday, July 18th: Mobile Street Procession (1:30 p.m.)   Statue returns to church for Benediction (4 pm)

Sunday July 18th: Masses 7:30-English, 9:30-Italian and 11:30-English a.m. 

Mobile procession begins at 1:30 p.m.  including the beloved statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

As it has for 127 years, the procession will wind through the streets of Melrose Park, Illinois. All are welcome to join us in this historic devotion to Our Lady!


For more information on the Parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel please contact us at (708) 344-4140 or email: [email protected]

Roses. Bouquets of roses ordered through the Rectory by Tuesday, July 6 must be prepaid before July 14th: $65, Roses requested in Church on the evening of Wed., July 14: $2/each or $8 /per half dozen and $15/ per dozen

Masses. Masses request in Church during the Feast will be celebrated on the third Saturday, and Sunday of every month until the next Feast.

Messe richieste in Chiesa saranno celebrate il terzo sabato e domenica di ogni mese.

Current Members of the Feast Committee

  • Rev. Giovanni Bizzotto, C.S. Pastor.
  • John Battisto, President.
  • Rich Romeo, Secretary.
  • Dan Adams, Treasurer.
  • Vicente Herrero, Vice-President.
  • Anthony Abruzzo
  • Dan Adams
  • Michael Adams
  • Robert Adams
  • John Babowice, Jr.
  • John Battisto
  • Joe Casale
  • John Guy Cervone
  • Mario Colantonio
  • Angelo Colella
  • Joe Cologna
  • Giacomo D’Amelio
  • Tony DiDomenico
  • Woodrow Fisher, Jr.
  • Antonio Godinez
  • Pascual González
  • Ron Good
  • Anthony Hernandez
  • Vicente Herrero
  • Anthony Iannacco
  • Bernardo León
  • Luis Mendez
  • John Nardella
  • Victor Nicodemo
  • Sonny Nicotera
  • Mark Piscitelli
  • Vincent Piscitelli
  • Tony Prignano
  • Mark Rauzi
  • Paul Rauzi
  • Jaime Reyes
  • Rich Romeo
  • Matthew Szeghy
  • Luis Villegas
  • Joe Zuccaro
  • John Toveli
  • Michael Pesola

Deceased Members of the Feast Committee

Remembering the members of the first Committee of 1896: Congrega di Maria Vergine del Monte Carmelo and the following known members of the Feast Committee, led by Emanuela Pellertiere DeStefano, who passed away on May 16, 1920:

  • Mario Abbate
  • Michael Amrich
  • John Babowice 2014
  • Julius Babowice
  • Frank Belline
  • Richard Belltrame
  • Hector Canestrini 2018
  • Julius Cologna
  • Gerry Connelly
  • Jack Corso
  • John Cucci
  • Firmin Dalpiaz
  • Salvatore D’Anza
  • Nello Di Domenico
  • Woodrow Fischer 2005
  • Peter Di Francesca
  • Al Franch 2010
  • John Franch 2018
  • Lino Franch 2014
  • Robert Franch
  • Art Frulla 1996
  • John Gates
  • Gaetano Giacinti
  • William Green
  • Emil Impastato 1999
  • Fred Imundo
  • John Kissel
  • Stanley Kolinske
  • Frank Laraia
  • John Lecessi
  • Joseph Leone
  • Dominic Lisuzzo
  • Anthony Loizzo
  • Bruno Loizzo
  • Vittorio Macino
  • Frank Maidl 2014
  • Michael Matteis
  • Pellegrino Moccia
  • John Mangino
  • Nick Motto, Sr
  • Frank Montino
  • Walter Nargie
  • Carmine Nunziato
  • Fred Nunziato, Sr.
  • Pat Nunziato
  • Stanley Pabynskus
  • Bill Palmer
  • Frank Parisi
  • Dom Patello
  • Generoso Petruzzi
  • Michael Petruzzi, Sr.
  • John Pitello
  • Ed Pleitner
  • Frank Pullia
  • Sal Pullia
  • Sal Quattrocchi
  • Paul Ratini
  • Joseph Rauzi 1991
  • Tullio Rauzi 2001
  • Lino Rauzi 2015
  • Louis Russo
  • Frank Sacchetta
  • Joseph Silanardi
  • Dominic Sanservino
  • Nick Sanservino, Sr.
  • Nick Sanservino, Jr.
  • Corky Santore
  • John Scanio
  • Emilio Scalzitti 2019
  • Felix Scopacasa
  • Joe Scudiero 2007
  • Anthony Silisky
  • Sal Tovello 2016
  • Anthony Velino
  • Henry Viruso
  • Delindo Zanoni
  • Joseph Zanoni, Sr. 1991
  • Joseph Zanoni, Jr. 2002
  • Alex Ziccarelli 1967
  • James Zitello


Rose-presentation-letter-2021. To become a benefactor or to order roses for the Feast, please click on the links below:

Check out the video from the 2019 Annual Award Dinner

We thank all our sponsors that purchased ads in the Annual Award Dinner Ad book.

Feast Ad Book 2019 Dinner
See the procession route: OLMC 2021 Procession Route

We thank our sponsors that help us to cover the expenses of the feast.
We thank our Feast Benefactors!